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Designers Guild

United Kingdom

A mastery of colours delightfully expressed in a wide range of solids, textures and prints 

Artistry, creativity and innovation is at the heart of the creative process at Designers Guild. Each design starts its life with a seed of an idea or point of inspiration derived from such diverse sources such as Eastern decorative art, Italian architecture, flowers and nature to classical documents.

The creative process can take up to two years from start to finish and at each step, Guild will nudge and nurture and edit - moulding the artwork into styles and looks that will eventually go on to market and create notable trends. Armed with the edited designs, she works closely with the development team – identifying the best weavers, printers and manufacturers to translate the designs into various products. Since the early days of hand screen printing, the company now employ a variety of techniques and methods to achieve their aims – from rotary Galvano printing to state of the art digital printing.