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Sofa vs Pet - Tips to ensure sofa wins

Playful paws and tiny teeth are all very cute until they get to your prized sofa. If you want to avoid being chewed out of thousands of dollars, these are our best tips on getting your sofa to last. While you will still have to bust out the vacuum cleaner, clean-up will be easier with these nifty tricks! 1. Pick the right fabric and colourEven if pets don’t lounge directly on your furniture, you know their fur will still magically end up trapped in everything you own. To increase the fur-resistance of upholstered furniture, always:Textured fabric with open weaves are probably not a good idea for households with petsOpt for smooth, flat-surfaced textiles with a tight weave. Synthetic blends and leather are less likely to trap pet hair and also easier to clean.Choose anti-static fabric, which is less likely to attract loose pet fur in the same way standard fabrics do. Because anti-static textiles can also repel pet fur to some extent, cleaning is less of a headache, especially if you have long-haired pets.Pick the right colour by matching your upholstery to your pet. This better disguises trapped fur. Have multiple pets? Use the fallback option of grey, which can masterfully disguise stains and fur in different colours.2. Avoid tufted styles, piping and fringeMurderous nailsFurniture with tufted buttons, piping and fringe details to pets is like snacks to humans. Try as you might, the temptation can sometimes prove overwhelming. For dogs, and especially cats, buttons and fringe are likely targets for scratching, ripping, or chewing, and are best left of your upholstered design for durability.Blafink suggests: The Sermillon Sofa or the Perel Curved Sofa for a sleek, pet-friendly look.3. Opt for removable cushion covers or a slipcoverAccidents can happen even with the most well-trained pets. Think of removable cushion covers as insurance against accidental hairballs and the like. See a stain? Take off the covers to launder, stat!4. Chew toys and scratch posts are mandatoryThe hard truth is that preventing your furkids from ruining your furniture requires a combination of training, redirection, and making smart design choices. Our experience with pet owners over the years has taught us:Puppies will almost always chew furniture legs whether it's made of metal or  wood. The good news is they usually grow out of it.Both cats and dogs need alternatives to the shiny forbidden toy that is your sofa. Redirect unwanted behaviour by giving dogs appropriate chew toys and cats scratching posts to satisfy their natural instincts. Remember that pets get bored too, so offer more than one option in multiple areas of the house.Mentally stimulating your pets through regular play and exercise can help to reduce destructive behaviour stemming from boredom or excess energy.5. Clean regularlyNot the cat, the sofa...Baby wipes, a vacuum cleaner, and a lint roller are your must-haves when it comes to upholstery maintenance. See a stain? Blot immediately with a baby wipe, and rub hard to remove as much of the stain as possible. Remove pet hair as part of your regular household cleaning schedule — the longer pet fur sits, the deeper it can become embedded in fabric. Removing regularly and frequently will make clean-up much easier in the long run.READ MORE: 8 Tips to cat-proof your sofa

You’ve got your own furniture design

Because our standard customisation designs don’t cut it? :( We want to hear what you’ve got, here’s how to get started:

Show and tell
Send us your drawings or images you were inspired by via text. We’ll assess your idea for makability.
Size and dimensions
Describe the rough dimensions you’re going for or send us a floor plan to help us assess sizes.
Quick quote
We’ll provide our initial assessment and give you a rough quote for your budgeting purposes.
Visit our Guideshop
We’ll run you through our process. Show you our materials and our workmanship capabilities.

Questions about custom making?

Here are some enquiries we get all the time.

What’s your lead time?
Why is your lead time so long?
What if I dislike what I custom made?
Is there warranty for your furniture?
I have a stain on my upholstered furniture
What’s your lead time?
Our lead time is 6 - 8 weeks for most products. Chairs may come up to 10 weeks.
Why is your lead time so long?
It doesn’t take that long to put your project together. It only takes this long because we put your project in our production queue and this is usually at the 6 - 8 week mark. It wouldn’t be fair to push someone else’s project down the queue so that we can attend to yours first. We also like to play it safe by having sufficient time to buy the necessary materials for your project.
What if I dislike what I custom made?
This happens - fortunately it’s rare. We have a process to help you understand clearly what you are custom making before you commit to a project with us. We can tell if you’re not ready and our policy is not to be pushy. If you still end up disliking the item, we will on a case by case basis work with you to alter your project until you are finally satisfied.
Is there warranty for your furniture?
We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects on framework and upholstery. Qualified defects will be repaired at no cost to you.
I have a stain on my upholstered furniture
Most households stains should be taken out quickly, don’t let it sit for over 24 hours. To clean, we recommend spot cleaning with a clean cloth and an upholstery cleaner. Get our favourite cleaner on Selffix or Lazada. Apply a little cleaner on the stain and confidently rub out the spot. Stains can smell fear, so be confident.
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