Custom Made Odd Dimension Sofas

Interior design and styling by Studio Abby
Interior design and styling by Studio Abby
Scratch Resistant Fabric
Your Sofa's Best Bet against Furry Paws
Out pet friendly upholstery collection is not indestructible but it will withstand accidental clawing during playtime.
Performance Fabric
Fabric Sofa 1: Stains 0
Wipe off household stains easily from your sofa with just water and a cloth using Aqua Clean's range of upholstery.
Fabric Sofa Care
My phone fell below the couch
So pick it up then!
I can't. It's sofa away.
Prefer a sofa design that's not in our catalogue? We can help you. Email or Whatsapp us some images and general dimensions. We will assign a product consultant to you who will help to assess your design project. Your consultant will provide you recommendations and a quotation.
We build our sofa and beds with kiln dried solid wood and reinforce the frames with cross laminated plywood. This prevents warping and mildew in our tropical climate. Various compositions of high density foam and polyester fibre are then used to achieve your comfort level.
We source for materials from all over the world and put them together in our Singapore factory. Our craftsman have different skillsets such as paper moulding, frame building, joineries, upholstery cutting and sewing. There are no crossovers so that they only specialise in what they do.