About Blafink

What do you guys do?

Here’s the elevator pitch - Blafink specialises in custom made upholstered furniture such as sofas, beds, chairs and benches. We have a deep understanding of the problems homeowners have choosing furniture to suit their space - it could be a dimension problem or it could be aesthetic styling issue. This is where we come in. We have a small but growing catalogue of furniture designs that we are familiar tweaking from but we’re also game to work on designs we’ve not build before. For the latter, we tap on our existing furniture experience and resources to put together your requirements.

Why “Blafink”?

When we started the company in 2015, we thought of ourselves as a curator of furniture ideas akin to a bird gathering choice materials for its nest. We fashioned the logo after the finch species for its varied gorgeous coat colours. The year 2015 was also part of a phase where the Scandinavian design style was all the rage and we were these new kids hitting the ground just trying to be cooler than we actually are. We put the words “blue” and “finch” in Google Translate with the dials on English and Swedish and that’s literally how we got our name. We know you Swedes are disappointed with us for not being a bonafide pet shop. Sorry…

What’s the difference between standard and advanced customisation?

Standard customisation is a catalogue of furniture profiles we are familiar with. We’ve become efficient at building such profiles and hope to offer a lower rate to customers looking for simple custom made solutions.

The Advance customisation service are for furniture profiles we rarely get the opportunity to work on but we’re game to try. For this level of service, we tap on our existing know how and resources to get started on your project. Along the way, we usually have to bring on other experts and put in extra effort looking at resources beyond our immediate pool to put together your project. This level of service also involves building prototypes to get to our final desired level of result.

What is your pricing like?

We’d describe our pricing as at the mid - high tier. As every project is built from scratch and we only buy the necessary material required for your project, it is not possible to take advantage of economies of scale. This means that we cannot be as affordable as mass market products. But with our flexibility, you can put together a custom made furniture using materials that you can both love and budget for.

What’s your lead time?

Our lead time is 6 - 8 weeks for most products. Chairs may come up to 10 weeks.

Why is your lead time so long?

It doesn’t take that long to put your project together. It only takes this long because we put your project in our production queue and this is usually at the 6 - 8 week mark. It wouldn’t be fair to push someone else’s project down the queue so that we can attend to yours first. We also like to play it safe by having sufficient time to buy the necessary materials for your project.

Do you do copies?

We can attempt but it will not be possible to make a 100% copy. We also don’t wish to undermine the lengthy research, time and prototyping effort it takes to get a designer piece out to the market.

Would you be willing to work with upholstery purchased outside of Blafink?

Yes of course! But with a pinch of cautiousness as not all fabric can be used for upholstery. If you wish to explore, send us details of your upholstery - images, specifications or a sample so that we assess your fabric usability.

What happens after my purchase?

Things happen really quickly after your purchase! Once you’ve confirmed your project with us, we check for stock availability and purchase the necessary materials required for your project. In the meantime, your product consultant confirms the specifications of your project in 2 dimensional drawings with you so that we get your expectations right.

At this point, your project is sent into the production queue limbo as it awaits its ascent into completion heaven.

The actual work i.e. framework and upholstering takes 10 - 15 days. Upon completion, we will contact you to arrange for delivery. We are usually quite good at keeping to our promise and we’re mostly able to keep to our schedule. In the rare event that we need more time to complete your project, we will contact you ahead of time as soon as possible to reschedule a timing with you.

What if the material I chose is unavailable?

We will know the status of material availability within 7 - 10 days of your purchase. In the unfortunate event that the material you picked is unavailable, we will contact you as soon as we find out and work with you to find a substitute or advise a new delivery date.

Returns & Refunds

I changed my mind

You have the option to cancel your order within 24 hours from placing your order. To cancel an order, please contact us at cGxheUBibGFmaW5rLmNvbQ== with
  1. Your order number
  2. Your name
  3. Your contact number

What if I dislike what I custom made?

This happens - fortunately it’s rare. We have a process to help you understand clearly what you are custom making before you commit to a project with us. We can tell if you’re not ready and our policy is not to be pushy. If you still end up disliking the item, we will on a case by case basis work with you to alter your project until you are finally satisfied.


Can you give me a specific delivery timing?

We provide a date of delivery with a four hour time range for our delivery personnel to reach your address. This means that we will reach you any time between this four hour range and this does not include the time for installation.

We understand this can be frustrating, we have often had a taste of waiting for our own delivery personnel for a solid 4 hours. But so many things can happen on the day of delivery - refused entries, difficult installations, challenging entry points, the rain, the traffic, a punctured tyre etc. This four hour buffer is usually a good benchmark for our boys to get to your address. If we are unable to get to you within these 4 hours, call your product consultant, we’ll find out what happened and get you a new timing!

Can you carry my Blafink purchase up the stairs?

Yes we can! Deliveries requiring stairway labour will be charged at an additional SGD$50 per flight of stairs per item. This is regrettably expensive as we need 2 to 3 of our boys carry bulky items up the stairs. For many of the items, this physical haul has to be repeated up to 6 times to get all parts of the furniture up to your desired location. We seek your understanding as this is back breaking work. If it helps to know, 100% of the extra fees go to our boys directly.

Can I self collect?

We recommend self delivery/ collection for small item purchases such as cushions or chairs so that you can save on delivery. The collection address may be at our Guideshop or one of our factories. Our product consultant will let you know which address to go to.

I want to get to know your hot AF delivery personnel

You’re lying.

Do I have to be present during delivery?

It’s advisable to be present or have someone you trust to be around during delivery so that you can inspect your purchase. It’s also helpful to point out to our delivery personnel where you’d like your item placed too.

Can you help me dispose my old furniture or transport it to another address?

Yes! But please give us a heads up so that we can ensure that is sufficient space in our delivery vehicle to transport your old furniture. There will be a disposal fee that you can pay directly to our delivery personnel. This fee goes directly to transport and/or disposal services:

Chair/ea $50 $40
Armchair $80 $70
2 Seater Sofa $90 $80
3 Seater Sofa $100 $90
L Shape Sofa $120 $100
Single/ Super single bed $100 $80
Queen/ King Bed $110 $100
Mattress $110 $100

My home is still undergoing renovation, can you deliver first but assemble on a different date?

We offer complimentary delivery services for most of our products on our first delivery attempt. Ideally, we’d like to assemble on the day we deliver but if your home is not ready, we will charge an additional $50 to assemble on a different date.

Our renovation is delayed, can you store our purchase?

We can store your Blafink furniture up to 1 month for free. We don’t recommend long periods of storage as your furniture may be damaged when we shift our warehouse for incoming and outgoing stock. We also do not advice keeping furniture wrapped up for too long as this is an open invitation for mould.

If you still prefer to store your purchase with us, our storage fees are chargeable on a per month basis or any part thereof. The storage fees are as follows

Chair/ea $50/mth
Armchair $80/mth
2 Seater Sofa $120/mth
3 Seater Sofa $140/mth
L Shape Sofa $180/mth
Single/ Super single bed $100/mth
Queen/ King Bed $120/mth
Mattress $70/mth

Do you take international orders?

Regrettably, we only have the bandwidth to serve the Singapore market at the moment as we are unable to offer a competitive shipping rate. More importantly, we are not able to offer service recovery aid in the event your furniture project reaches you in a manner that is below your expectations. But follow us on instagram and you’ll be the first to know if we decide to explore serving homeowners beyond the shores of Singapore!

I received my furniture in a manner that is below my expectations.

Sorry about this! Please contact your product consultant as soon as possible with several clear images of the issue - some close ups and some further out images so that we can diagnose and follow up with a rectification plan.


What are your payment terms?

Upon confirmation of your project, we collect a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is payable after you’ve received your purchase in satisfactory condition.

What are your payment modes?

We offer various ways for you to make payment, use one that’s the most convenient or rewarding for you! Also, don’t forget to include your 5 digit invoice number in the remarks field.

Bank Transfer
UOB LTD 339-308-155-2

Credit Card
We accept Visa, Master and AMEX credit card payments at our Guideshop. You will have to drop by to our physical Guideshop should you wish to make payment. Payment hack: you can also ask for a PayPal payment link from us - you don’t need a PayPal account to make payment with a credit card. We just use it as a secure platform for you to make payment.

Scan this QR code to pay with your GrabPay wallet and include your 5 digit invoice number in the reference field.

Please ask your product consultant to generate a PayPal payment link. We will generate this only with your explicit instruction and this will be sent to the email address we have on file.

We do not encourage cash payments. But if you must, make sure you’re handing over your cash payment to our office directly (this is usually a petite lady with a RBF but a kind inside personality)


Is there warranty for your furniture?

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects on framework and upholstery. Qualified defects will be repaired at no cost to you.

My furniture is no longer covered under warranty

In the event your furniture is not covered by warranty any more, don’t worry we’ve got your back. Please contact us with your 5 digit invoice number so that we can still help you through our local workshops at a nominal fee.


I have a stain on my upholstered furniture

Most households stains should be taken out quickly, don’t let it sit for over 24 hours. To clean, we recommend spot cleaning with a clean cloth and an upholstery cleaner. Get our favourite cleaner on Selffix or Lazada. Apply a little cleaner on the stain and confidently rub out the spot. Stains can smell fear, so be confident.

Can I launder my sofa cushion covers?

We don’t recommend laundering your sofa cushion covers as washing machines can be very abusive and pound your covers out of shape.

But if you have to, here are some instructions
  1. Put some mild laundry detergent on the stains
  2. Turn your covers inside out before putting it in your washing machine and try to keep the zippers closed
  3. Select a water temperature of 30 degrees or below
  4. Select low spin
  5. Rack dry your covers on a nice dry day

PRO TIP: Use a colour and dirt collector before your wash cycle to prevent colour transfer.
DISCLAIMER: You may experience a difference in colour between the cushion covers you’ve laundered and the covers you were not able to launder because they’re fixed on the frame. So don’t launder more than once a year lah, ok?

Well… if I can’t launder, what can I do?

Engage a professional cleaner. We’ve partnered with Cleanshades for many of our projects and we’ve been very happy with their services. Cleanshades has kindly extended our trade discount to Blafink customers and this is a cost estimate:

Dining Chair/ ea N.A $15
Ottoman N.A $30
Armchair N.A $60
2 Seater Sofa N.A $120
3 Seater Sofa N.A $160
L Shape Sofa N.A $220
3 Piece sectional N.A $260
Queen Bed N.A $180 - $250
King Bed N.A $230 - $280
Baby Crib $30 $80
Single/ Super Single Mattress $60 $140
Queen Mattress $80 $180
King Mattress $100 $220
Carpet/ Rug N.A $2.50/ sqft
Curtains & Blinds Quotation can only be provided with photos/ site visit

There’s a minimum cost of $160 per cleaning trip. For furniture items not listed here, Whatsapp the folks at Clean Shades at 9113 4249 or email them at enquiry@cleanshades.sg with a few snapshots for a more accurate pricing. Remember to quote “Blafink” for this special price!