06 Oct 21

Should your L-shaped Sofa be Configured on the Right or Left Side

A good starting point would be to use your main living room window as a reference point and visualise your chaise next to it. 

For smaller living areas, this configuration will leave your living space feeling open. To move with ease in your living space with little to no obstruction, you can opt for a side table or sit a large tray on your sofa to keep your drink or remote controls within reach. 

But if you have a balcony and this configuration obstructs the doors to your open space, the L shape sofa may not be a a good configuration for your space. Alternatively, you can consider configuring the chaise for the other side:

This configuration is better if you have a spacious open-plan living and dining space. Big spaces tend to feel cold if you do not choose the right sized furniture. This placement not only visually anchors your living space, it also creates a cosier nook.