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05 Sep 23

Accessorise your Blafink bed

Now that you have your perfectly sized mattress and the best custom-made bed frame in Singapore, we show you how you can complete the look with styling and sourcing tips. Settle in and get comfy for the first of our Blafink shopping guides.

Tip 1: White bed linen is all right, but colour is better

White sheets are a hotel classic because they give an impression of cleanliness and luxury. But white sheets can also read as predictable, boring, bland. Depending on your comfort level with colours, try these tips to break out of that spiritless mould:


We get it, you want white. Now add some textures. Werner Straube Photography

Create a tonal look by using sheets that are the same colour as your bed frame. Layer in textures — try different materials and finishes (e.g. linen, a textured wool, and a smooth bamboo with a shiny finish). 


Biella by Designers Guild

The aim is a monochromatic look using two to three tints and shades of the colour of your bed frame. For example, if you have a light grey base, try grey sheets with dark grey, black, or white accents.


Olive, Petrol and Lavender - a heady mix by Bed Threads

Analagous colour schemes (colours next to each other on the colour wheel) or complementary colour schemes (colours opposite each other on the colour wheel) are our gold standard!

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Sure, there are lots of brands in Singapore that offer linen bedding (try Annette or Edition Limitee if you’re looking locally), but Bed Threads has an extensive range of delicious colours, and makes it easy to cop the whole look with their stylist-approved bedding bundles. Based in Australia, ships to Singapore for free.

Tip 2: Size up your duvet

Sizing up your duvet is the most basic sleight of hand trick that all stylists employ. The premise is simple: take the size of your mattress and increase it by 1-2 sizes to get the size of the duvet you should buy.

For example, if you have an SG Queen mattress, get an SG King or Super King duvet cover. This allows the duvet to hang over the bed, which not only gives the illusion of a bigger bed, but also allots a more generous blanket:person ratio if you share your duvet with someone else.

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Duvet big enough to flow over the sides of the bed

Sunday Bedding offers a tencel-filled duvet insert and duvet covers up to a whopping California King.


SOJAO also carries a California King size. Its website also has a clever bed builder tool that helps you mix and match both colours and sizing.

Tip 3: Always make your bed... But the tuck is up to you

No mess please. Ditre Italia likes it tucked in and tidy

Whether you like to leave your duvet organically draped or tucked with tight hospital corners is entirely up to you. Generally, tucked covers are more European — you see this style in Italian furniture catalogues — while draped covers are more often seen in American and Australian styling.

Blafink Sit In Divan

 Hot tip: The Blafink Sit In Divan does half the job of dressing the bed for you — by “hiding” the ends of the fitted sheet with the cushioned frame.

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If you have a regular divan, the Bed Sheet Tucker, which lets you neatly and easily tuck in your sheets without ever having to lift your mattress. Works for both fitted and flat sheets. Also available here.


For under S$5, you can also nab a tool that helps raise mattresses to give your back and arms a break during bedsheet-changing operations.

Tip 4: Use a bedspread or throw

Perhaps not a common sight in Singapore for practical reasons but hear us out! The addition of a bed spread or throw isn’t just an aesthetic exercise to add texture or colour. It’s also to add a layer of protection to your bedding, especially useful in instances where there are savvy pets who know how to seek out prime napping spots or young kids who like to play on the bed.

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Throws we are lusting over

Finnish Design Shop has plenty of options in different sizes, materials, and colours. Our tip: if your headboard is a non-neutral colour, pick a throw or bed spread in a similar colour to match! 

Tip 5: Use a Pillow Spray

Complete your bedtime routine with something that will help you sleep better! Our secret weapon is the humble pillow spray — although there is insufficient evidence proving the efficacy of sleep sprays, there is some evidence to suggest the essential oils used in these sprays are helpful in reducing anxiety, and therefore facilitating sleep. Choice oils include lavender, chamomile, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver.

To protect your bedding, make sure you choose a spray that is oil-free. This also ensures you don’t get oil shadows on your bed frame. Those with sensitive skin may also want to avoid sprays with fragrance (look instead for pure essential oils).

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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a cult favourite around the world for its blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert oils. Contains fragrance. Available here.


Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist contains an award-winning concoction of lavender, mandarin orange, and vetiver oils. Available here