Banquette, Table Base
03 May 24

An Unexpected Spillover of Upholstery

As custom furniture makers, we often get involved with interesting projects. But the truly remarkable ones are the ones that begin with “why not”?

A banquette? 

A fabric clad wall? 
Uhm… ok?

A banquette that will also hug the fabric clad wall?
You’re out of your mind! But… why not?

Gently curved banquette with a fitting detail against a fabric clad pillar

No remarkable projects go smoothly. Anyone familiar with architect Frank Llyod Wright’s Fallingwater will also know about the conflicts between architect, client and the contractor during construction.

It is vain and delusional to compare this small interiors project in Singapore's Normanton Park with the iconic behemoth that is Fallingwater but there is some resemblance of disagreements, eyerolls and contemptuous remarks from parties involved in the project. 

The framework for the bench and pillar

But we all just want to execute and realise the interior designer, Haus Office’s vision of playing with material and shapes in unexpected ways.

Fabric clad table base with connecting panel by Blafink

If Haus Office’s principal designer, Don is the artist, Sharon of Forge Studios, the contractor, is the anchor. She is fiery and has zero tolerance to impracticality, especially when it came to sacrificing vision for project realisation.

It is what good interior design should be, a marriage of aesthetics and functionality. 

Blafink is just the supporting actor. But surely we can get a little recognition for the work we’ve put in this project too.