28 Jun 23

Get Main Character Energy with these Custom Made Table Tops in Singapore

Every fab table base deserves to be crowned with an equally impressive top. Whether your style tends towards clean minimalism or eclectic dramatism, our Blafink selection allows you to unleash your inner designer with a range of materials. 

There are four core table top materials we offer:

From left to right: Sintered stone, Solid Wood, Tempered Glass, Natural Granite

Sintered Stone

Sintered stone, or engineered stone, is made by fusing natural minerals (quartz, silica, other pigments) through heat and pressure. The end result is a solid, non-porous, and highly durable material that resembles the look of natural stone.

The material can range widely in price and quality. On one end where it is really cheap, you get sintered stone surfaces that come with dimples across the surface. On the other end you can surfaces that mimics natural stone so well that only a well trained professional can tell it apart from natural stone.


  • Highly resistant to scratches, impact, and heat so it’s less likely to chip and crack compared to natural stone.

  • Unlike natural stone, sintered stone does not stain easily, which means you can skip the heart attack whenever someone forgets to use a coaster.

  • Easy to clean with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Does not require sealing for upkeep.

  • Available in a wide range of predictable colours, patterns, and finishes.

  • More affordable than natural stone


  • Limited customisation options of edge profiles due to the engineered surface

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass as it undergoes a controlled heating and rapid cooling process. It’s also designed to break into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp shards in the event of breakage. The tempered glass material we offer is in a matte finish featuring contemporary colours such as this greige.


  • More resistant to scratches, heat, and breakage compared to regular glass.

  • Allows light to pass through, making the space feel brighter and more open. Suitable for smaller spaces or rooms that do not receive as much natural light.

  • Does not stain or absorb liquids. Coasters optional, though recommended to reduce risk of scratches.

  • Easy to clean with soap and a cloth.

  • Most affordable tabletop option.


  • Oil smudges and fingerprints show up more easily on glass surfaces.

  • Small scratches will still show up over time and use. 

Natural granite

Aka the OG beauty queen with slight diva tendencies.

This winsome option turns heads for its natural beauty. But turn down the option if budget and easy upkeep are high on your priority list and opt for sintered stone instead.


  • Unlike sintered stone, the colours, patterns, and veining of natural stone is unique to each piece.

  • Highly resistant to scratches since granite is one of the natural hardest stones.

  • Also highly resistant to heat, so you can place hot pots and pans directly onto the table without fear of tabletop damage.


  • Granite is naturally porous. It must be sealed regularly to prevent stains from the absorption of liquids.

  • More expensive — the price of natural beauty! 

Solid wood

Our solid wood tabletops are available in partnership with The Table Guy. Choose from suar wood, American black walnut, beli wood, African tali, teak, and sapele. 

Aka the hardy option


  • Hardwearing and able to withstand daily use. 

  • Solid wood can be repaired if scratched or dented.


  • Requires a little bit of love to last forever. Oil or reseal regularly to increase durability.

  • Prone to liquid stains — avoid having liquids pool and remain on the surface for too long.

  • Vulnerable to scratches from sharp objects. Best cared for by using coasters and placemats on the daily.

Edge Treatments

The bells and whistles - natural stone with a bullnose edge

Behold the finishing touch! Table top edge treatments are more than just the cherry on top of your final design. They play an essential role in the look, comfort, and safety of your table. 

The type of edge treatments available to you may also be determined by the tabletop material you’ve chosen. Fancier edge profiles (e.g. round or bullnose edges) are best done with materials like solid wood or natural stone in order to show off the beautiful grains of natural material.

Composite sintered stone is better suited to flat edge or bevelled treatments as the pattern is limited to the surface of the table:

Sintered stone with a flat polish edge

Depending on the thickness of your tabletop material, you may also be able to combine edge treatments, such as this flat polish + bevel edge solid wood top:

Double profiles are ideal for thicker slabs of material like this solid wood table top

Ready to play designer? Don’t forget to complete the look with a custom table base. Contact our guideshop at or WhatsApp 8750 6522 for pricing and more details.