12 Mar 24

Intreciatto velvet on a custom made bed

When interior designer Arjan Nijen Twilhaar of Aiden T approached us to commission a headboard  with a picture of a bed with a rattan component, we scratched our collective heads. Rattan isn’t a material we are confident with. Not when we need to execute an acceptable finish.

Arjan was first inspired by this rattan bed headboard visual he foundwhile doing research

Fortunately, the designer was open to substitutes as long as it helped to achieve his vision. We introduced him to a material we were more familiar with - velvet but with a twist.

Arjan selected a sturdy velvet which is meticulously sliced into 1cm wide strips before they are plaited together. The done by hand process is not only time consuming and laborious, the finished product is only available in small 100cm stretches of material.

As a rattan alternative, the intrecciato velvet weave has more body when it is upholstered over foam which makes it more suitable as the choice material for a cosy bedroom. 

The Intrecciato velvet weave is giving Bottega Veneta
This majestic curved headboard accomodates a queen size storage bed

The center two panels were originally intended as one continuous stretch but as the velvet weave is only made as individual 100 x 90cm stretches, we have to work around its limitations resulting in this 4 panel look.

This combination of a handsome textured black laminated frame, the intrecciato weave and a neutral flocked fabric is the epitome of stealth wealth in your bedroom.