28 Jun 23

Kick Up your Table Game with these Customisable Table Legs

Tables: the unsung heroes of every home where family meals, game nights, heartfelt conversations, and even impromptu dance parties take place. Where homework is finished and work-from-home gets done… more or less. 😉

So why settle for a cookie-cutter piece when you can unleash your imagination and design something truly emblematic of the heart of your home? Before you take a walk on the wild side in the Blafink guideshop, here’s all you need to know about customising your table base so you can enjoy it for years with #NoRegrets.

Want information on customising your table top? Head here instead 

All dreams must start from ground up. In the table’s case, that’s your base. We offer 4 materials at Blafink: 

From left to right: Acrylic, Laminate, Metal, Fabric


Aka designer looks with limited customisation

Best for

  • Dining tables

  • Work desks

  • Pairing with a solid wood top


  • Allows light to pass through (even more than glass), creating the effect of a visually lighter, “floating” effect.

  • Excellent first impression since the material is rarely used in Singapore.

  • Looks “designer” with a more budget price tag. 


  • Susceptible to scratches — this may affect the sleek appearance over time.

  • Potentially dangerous if you have excitable young children and/or pets who may run into the angular legs when they play.

  • Available in 2 designs and sizes at the moment:

T Shaped and Cross Design Acrylic Legs.png

The T Shaped Acrylic Legs - W62.5cm x D20cm x H69.5cm
Cross Design Acrylic Legs - W41 x D41 x H69.5cm


Aka the have-it-all (form, function, maintenance)

Best for

  • Coffee tables

  • Dining tables

  • Statement work desks or conference tables

  • Anyone who prefers a rounded base


  • Endlessly versatile. Laminate mimics the appearance of different materials such as wood, marble, or natural stone, you can mix and match different laminate bases and tabletops for a design that is uniquely yours.

  • More lightweight and affordable than a traditional wooden base.

  • Can be wrapped around curves and irregular shapes.

  • Easy to maintain — just wipe down with a damp cloth.


  • Beware the radius of no return! Bases have to be a minimum radius of 3 inches or 7.5cm in order for laminates with wood “grain” to properly adhere.

If you have an exceptionally heavy table top, let us have the dimensions and weight of your table slab and we can add reinforcements to our table base structure.


Aka less fun but super functional

Best for

  • Dining tables

  • Work desks


  • The OG workhorse of table bases: endlessly durable, stable, and able to support heavy tabletops.

  • Can be customised to any width and length you require.

  • Easy upkeep: just wipe down with a damp cloth.


  • Available in black powder-coated aluminium alloy only.


Aka the original queen of fun

Best for

  • Statement conference tables

  • Occasional tables

  • Coffee tables

  • Creating that conversation piece that guests won’t stop talking about


  • Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to fabric-upholstered table bases! Choose from an extensive range of colours, patterns, and textures in our guideshop to design your dream table.

  • Unlike laminates, fabric-upholstered bases can be wrapped around almost any shape or size you desire.

  • Upholstered surfaced can help with sound absorption, which reduces echoes and noise in a room. This is particularly useful in high-traffic areas such as an open-concept office.


  • Challenging to maintain. Avoid this material if you have young children or pets since fabric is susceptible to stains, spills, and accumulating dust and fur.

  • Depending on the material, fabric can be more prone to general wear and tear such as fraying and pilling. If you’re choosing this option, our consultants will advise you on what’s good and what’s dud.

Ready to play designer? Let the fun begin. Contact our guideshop at or WhatsApp 8750 6522 for pricing and more details. Don’t forget to check out customisation details for table tops here.