19 Jun 24

Mixing patterns and solids on a sofa

When we first saw RH Furniture's Matteo Sofa design, we thought it was the perfect canvas to show different types of materials on the same piece of furniture and it would come out pretty interesting.

Sofa dimensions for this inspired look

Eventually we settled on a large scale floral print from Christian Lacroix and paired it with a buttery soft velvet from Designers Guild.

We added a sofa topper to our version. The topper was finished like a pillow and featured two sides - one with the floral print and the other with the aubergine coloured velvet.

On days when you need your furniture to be less busy, you can always flip the sofa topper the other way. 

Our favourite view, the back view

The sofa is best placed in the middle of the room where its curves and patterns can be admired from all angles.