05 Jul 21

New guideshop location, guess where?

Blafink fam, you guys have been good to us! Barely 1 and a half years at our Geylang location and we’re already feeling the squeeze. More of you are asking to visit us to explore materials and our capabilities and we feel bad when we have to ask you to come at a later date/ time.

So we’ve decided that we need a bigger space to accommodate more of you (with social distancing measures in place of course!)

Here are some important dates to note:

Until 12th July, Monday: Operations as usual at 110 Lorong 23 Geylang (this is important, if you visit us at Tai Seng before this date, there'll nobody there to help you)

13th July, Tuesday: Guideshop Closed. We'll be transiting to our new location.

14th July, Wednesday: Operations begin at 19 Tai Seng Ave


As you approach our new location

Our new location is at the ESR Reit building that is finishing up an additions and alterations revamp. As you approach us, you will notice this:

Do not be intimidated. You are at the right place! The building is almost done with the glass window installation, paintwork and the driveway. If you're driving to us, enter the building and head up the ramp, there are parking lots right outside our second floor unit!

If you're taking the train - alight at Tai Seng Station (CC11) and take Exit C. Ride the elevator up and take a 5 minute walk towards 19 Tai Seng Avenue.

Remember to set your Google maps for 19 Tai Seng AVE. Not Tai Seng Drive, not Tai Seng Link, not Tai Seng Rd. Remember that it is Tai Seng AVE. Here’s a jingle to help you remember:

      Avenue, A-ve-nue
     19 Tai Seng Ave
     Oh, what fun it is to see
     New Blafink at the Avenue