06 Oct 21

Small apartment hack for L Shaped Sofa

For many apartment owners, the decision to install an L-shaped sofa can make or break a compact space. Here are some useful tips that’ll help you make room for maximum living comfort.

Should the chaise be placed on the left or right?

If you’ve been stuck in decision-making purgatory, you’re not alone. A good starting point would be to use your main living room window as a reference point and visualise your chaise next to it.

For smaller living areas, this configuration will leave your living space feeling open. To move with ease in your living space with little to no obstruction, you can opt for a side table or sit a large tray on your sofa to keep your drink or remote controls within reach.

Overcoming the nitty gritties

Have a little more room to spare? Lucky you. Homeowners with extras like balconies need to be aware that an L-shaped sofa may obstruct the entry to your open space. In this case, remember to configure the chaise so it sits on the other end and away from the doors.

For apartment owners who have levelled up

So you got rid of your tiny cramped apartment and are now living it up in a much bigger home. Without the right furniture, however, big spaces, such as an open-plan living and dining space, tend to feel cold and unhomely. To create a cosier nook, try reconfiguring your L-Shaped sofa so the chaise falls length-wise. This placement will help visually anchor your living space, but also allow room for bits and bobs like rugs and side tables.