15 Apr 24

Sofa Cushions Unpacked: Bench vs. Multi-Seat

The shape of the humble sofa seat cushion is a detail we tend to overlook when buying a sofa. But getting the shape and size right (we’re not even talking about fill nor upholstery) has huge practical implications for comfort and functionality.

The Bench Cushion vs the Multi Seat

Our go to advice for someone who wants it all for their sofa is to start with a bench seat cushion. The bench seat cushion is a long continuous seat that spans the entire length of your sofa.

Anything more than one is a multi seat cushion sofa

Unlike its multi piece counterparts, which feature separate cushions on the sofa, the bench cushion offers a seamless seating experience.

What the Bench Seat Cushion Solves

Lawrence's definitely not sitting over the gaps of the sofa seat cushion

Nobody wants to sit over the “cracks” of multiple seat cushions. With a bench cushion, there are no such gaps to contend with. You can sit, stretch out, or even lie down without feeling like you're teetering on the edge of two separate cushions.


The presence of gaps in multi-seat cushions can make impromptu nap sessions less than ideal. With a bench cushion, however, you can bid farewell to unintended hip dips.

Our Sabin sofa features a bench seat cushion that is as deep as a single size mattress

The seamless surface provides an uninterrupted space for stretching out. With a deep enough bench cushion, you might just have a makeshift bed for unexpected guests. Talk about versatility!

Ease of Maintenance

Over time, individual seat cushions tend to lose form around the edges where they receive the most pressure leading to uneven support and sagging. Bench cushions, on the other hand, maintain their form better thanks to their continuous design. Even when using the same fill and construction methods,  bench cushions tend to feel firmer for longer than their multi-seat counterparts. This is because the absence of gaps allows for greater resilience when the cushioning material is compressed. 

Clean Aesthetic Appeal

A continuous seat cushion makes a sofa look wider

If you subscribe to the idea of less is more, the streamlined look of a bench cushion can instantly modernise your living space. By eliminating the visual clutter of multiple cushions, your sofa and therefore your room can appear wider and more inviting.

No one should have to deal with gaps and cracks when you can have seamless comfort and versatile lounging options with a clean aesthetic appeal. Make sure the bench cushion is on your sofa feature list the next time you look for a sofa!