Product Collaboration
06 Nov 21

Swipe Right on Blafink x Table Guy’s Second Product Collab

Strong, sexy, sublime. If you think we’re talking about a finely sculpted physique, you are absolutely right. The Channel Stitch Slab Sofa and the Burke Capsule Table are part of an ongoing collaboration between Table Guy and us that exemplify these traits.

Channel Stitch Slab Sofa

Sitting handsomely on a solid live edge wood slab made from American black walnut, the sofa’s dapper upholstery design, combined with Table Guy’s quality craftsmanship, is an exhibition of form, function and elegance.

At first glance, you will notice the precise channel stitching on the sofa cushion’s back, arms and seat. This may be a common decorative detail on upholstered furniture, but in the case of the Channel Stitch Slab Sofa, it’s a feature that’s the result of both finesse and strength.

Position this piece off the wall because the back of the sofa looks as good as the front

To achieve a stitching that runs continuously and seamlessly throughout the cushions – from front to top and back, and left to top and right – an experienced hand is required and this is where the skill of our master upholsterer comes in.

This process is made even more challenging by our use of inelastic upholstery. Elastic upholstery would have made the job easier as it'd yield and wrap with better ease. But the lack of this type of fabric variety in the market – which would result in run-of-the-mill designs – has us opting for the less obvious (and more masochistic) choice. 

We left 40cm of the wood slab exposed so that it can double up as a side table

The Channel Stitch Slab Sofa is available in two solid wood slab lengths:

$4,550 for the W200 x D90cm version
$5,350 for the W240 x D90cm version

Like the original Slab Sofa, there is an option to custom make the sofa cushion component according to seating capacity. The prices include upholstery selections from our full Aquaclean range of upholstery.

Burke Capsule Table

The Table Guy has their own in house carpenters to cut solid wood into any shape you like

The Burke Capsule Table’s solid wood slab is designed in a unique capsule profile to strike a visual balance with its modern totem shaped legs.

This is a full roundover finish. You can also opt for flat edge and half roundover looks.

The solid American Walnut slab alone already commands attention. Featuring horizontal panels with edges that are softened with a roundover finish, it’s so smooth to touch, you’ll want to keep running your hands along the surface over and over again.

4 Legs for this hefty W3.0 x D1.3m solid wood slab

For the Blafink Guideshop, we requested for a W3.0 x D1.3m slab to host multiple discussions, cut fabric and other general use. Making the wooden slab this size is no mean feat; in order to build a table this wide, multiple panels have to be hand cut and then clamped together during the joinery process. To ensure structural stability, the Table Guy added reinforcing c-channels to the underside of the table.

Ah another thing the Table Guy painstakingly did - each wooden piece is meticulously selected to match in colour and overall tone. No stain is used to finish off the slab. You’d have to see the top for yourself to appreciate the amount of effort this process takes.

Burke Capsule Table: Vessel Shaped Cylindrical Legs

Don't have to stick to this design, you can pick and choose your own upholstery textures and colours 

Blafink took care of the legs for the Burke Capsule Table. We supported the hefty table top with 4 legs featuring a playful teal patterned fabric upholstered around a black powder coated mild steel core.

To do this, we had to build an intricate wood frame around each core before layering the supporting structure in soft foam and upholstery. It is not your typical table leg design but it is quite a treat to rest your bare feet on.

The Burke Capsule Table is going for $5,445 for a slab size of W200 x D100cm with two vessel shaped cylindrical legs and the slab can be customised to smaller dimensions to fit your space. For larger dimensions, The Table Guy will be happy to take requests too. Get in contact with them here.

Tip: Here’s a price hack to help manage the cost of the table, you can opt to fit Table Guy’s stock legs instead of Blafink’s to take $1,450 off the price tag.

Both the Channel Stitch Slab Sofa and the Burke Capsule Table is displayed at Blafink’s 19 Tai Seng Avenue Guideshop. We highly recommend viewing the physical pieces in person so make an appointment to visit us!