26 Apr 24

This Semi Aniline Chesterfield Headboard is Old but Gold Luxury

The Chesterfield style is an iconic look - generous frame, firm mounds and a deep button tufting technique that can only be achieved by a harpoon-like needle up to 30cm long. 

But after a century of popularity, we’re seeing lesser and lesser requests for the look in recent years in favour of the more understated, quiet luxury trend.

Spot of sunshine in the bedroom

Will this labour intensive, artisanal technique go the way of the dinosaur?

Chesterfield headboard sporting curved wingback

Arjan Nijen Twilhaar of interior design firm Aiden T thinks the style still has its place in modern homes today. He commissioned a grand 2.1m wide chesterfield headboard with us with all its voluptuous curves and mounds.

Arjan picked 70020. 19 colourways for this semi aninline leather

While modern faux leather can easily substitute a genuine leather look, the designer remained true to the aesthetic of a classic British chesterfield. He picked an energetic honey hue semi aniline cowhide with a smooth brilliance finish.