Ask Blafink
28 Jun 2016

How do you determine the placement height of your TV?

One of our customers, D sent an email SOS:Do you happen to know any practical design tips with regards to how high we should position our TV in relation to our sofa height? We are building our TV console/feature wall so we're trying to gauge how high/low to build it. Thanks.There's plenty of advice on the Internet teaching how you should go about planning this tricky TV placement. But many of the articles assume that you have a lot of variable space to place your sofa or that the size of the telly you're going to buy depends on the distance you have from sofa to the TV wall.Na uh. Singaporeans buy the TV size we want, placement is secondary. Also, we tend to be rather space starved this side of the world. :(So we got D to tell us more about his telly size, maximum distance from sofa to telly and then sent him this diagram: Assuming that D's going to be spending his time watching the telly in an upright position, we're looking at a sitting height range of 110 to 120cm for him to be at eye level to the center of the TV. This will be at the 30cm mark on D's telly (his telly measures 100 x 60cm).D's distance from the sofa to his telly is quite close at 1.8m so we recommended that he hooks up his TV at the lower end of the sitting height range. This gives us 80cm (110cm - 30cm) for the distance between the floor and to the edge of his telly.The seating height range can be more accurate if D factors in his sofa seat height and the height of his seating posture.And that's all assuming that D's not going to be lounging like insomniac Edward Norton in Fight Club (see banner image)!