19 Mar 24

This bench is easing out of the sad beige aesthetic

Among Blafink’s custom made pieces, the M Bench is that one piece that our clients always have the most fun with when it comes to upholstery pairings. 

In this latest bespoke version, the M Bench takes on a white cream backdrop as the main upholstery accented with a bright orange geometric pattern. 

The result is stunning:

This colour pairing works as cream is a neutral colour with a warm undertone and it’s the perfect canvas for the zesty punchiness of the coral orange jacquard fabric.

Your back will thank you for these lumbar cushions

The M Bench comes with two long lumbar cushions with a removable cover. The cushions have two contrasting faces that can be flipped at your whim and fancy.

Accent upholstery on the sides of the bench

The accent fabric is also applied on the left and right sides of the M Bench. So there is a lot of visual interest when the bench is viewed from all angles.

Galileo dining chairs in accent fabric

In this project, our client decided to use this same accent fabric on his Galileo dining chairs too. While the upholstery stands out, the recurring use of the same fabric for both the bench and chairs ensures the dining area makes an impact but doesn’t look out of place.

If you need more reasons to get yourself an accent dining bench, these are three other projects we worked on that you can get inspired by: